Steak and Mushroom Tacos with Crispy Tater Tots are an easy weeknight dinner the whole family will love.  Mildly reminiscent of tater tot casserole, this easy taco recipe is bright and fresh, crunchy and soft, and full of earthy, meaty flavor.

Oil Soy Sauce Limes Garlic Oregano Chili Powder Cumin Black pepper Steak Portobello mushroom caps Tater tots Flour tortillas Green onions Parsley or cilantro Salsa verde

Taco Ingredients

Sour cream Monterey Jack cheese Green chilis

Green Chili Cheese Sauce

Lime Sour  Cream

Sour cream Lime

Remove the stems and gills from mushroom caps. 

Marinate steak and mushroom in oil, soy sauce, lime juice, garlic, oregano, chili powder, cumin, and pepper for 1-8 hours. 

Bake tater tots according to the package instructions. 

Cook mushrooms 5 min per side. Sear steak on high heat for 2 min per side, reduce heat, cook 3-4 min per side, until 135 degrees for medium rare. 

Stir together Green Chili Sauce ingredients and warm until cheese is melted. 

Stir together Lime Sour Cream ingredients. 

Slice mushrooms and steak into strips. Arrange them in warmed tortillas.  Top with green chili sauce, tater tots, parsley, green onions, salsa verde, and lime sour cream. 

Serve and enjoy!