How to Improve Canned Apple Pie Filling

It's easy to doctor up canned apple pie filling for pies and cakes and toppings for pancakes and ice cream.  All you need are about 10 minutes and simple ingredients you might already have!

– Spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cardamom, ginger, cayenne pepper, salt – Lemon juice – Vanilla extract – Brown sugar – Cornstarch – Apple slices – Butter


Place apple pie filling into a mixing bowl.  Taste it, then add your favorite apple pie spices. 

Add a dash of lemon juice to brighten it and vanilla for homespun flavor. 

To thicken, mix brown sugar and cornstarch and stir into the filling. 

For baked desserts: Add fresh apples.  For toppings: sautee fresh apples in butter. Cook filling to activate the cornstarch.

If baking into pie or crisp, top the filling with dabs of butter. 

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