Lemon Blueberry  Ice Cream Sandwiches

Lemon Blueberry Graham Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches are made from Cool Whip, yogurt, fruit, jam, and graham crackers.  Easy homemade ice cream sandwiches for hot summer days or anytime!

– Graham crackers – Whipped topping – Lemon yogurt – Frozen blueberries – Blueberry fruit spread


Fold the whipped topping and yogurt together.

Stir the blueberry fruit spread and blueberries together. Swirl it into the whipped topping mixture.

Line a pan with plastic wrap. Arrange 7 graham crackers along the bottom.

Evenly spread the ice cream mixture over the graham crackers.

Place the rest of the graham crackers on top.

Pull the plastic wrap over the sandwiches. Freeze for 4-6 hours or until the ice cream is firm.

Cut the frozen slab into full or half-sized sandwiches.

Serve and enjoy!

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