Looking for easy Mother's Day appetizer recipes? These delicious appetizers include deviled eggs, pinwheels with cream cheese, Buffalo chicken dip, vegetarian meatballs, and more!

Everything Bagel Deviled Eggs have all the flavors of an everything bagel including cream cheese and smoked salmon. 

Creamy Whipped Ricotta is delicious as a fruit dip or spread on crostini. 

Dark Chocolate Fruit Dip is fluffy and creamy -- and healthy! It's made from  Greek yogurt. 

Cranberry Chicken Pinwheels are super delicious -- and they look pretty, too.  

Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels have all the flavors of buffalo chicken mixed into cream cheese, wrapped in a tortilla. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip is super creamy and decadent, but it's actually kind of healthy with no cream cheese or bottled dressing. 

Pancetta-Wrapped Apples and Cheese are super easy to make and everyone will devour them. 

Corn in a Cup is like Mexican Street Corn, but in a cup. And topped with Fritos. 

Roasted Chili Corn Salsa is a must for any party. Give your guests something fresh and delicious to dip into. 

Vegetarian Cocktail Meatballs are made from chickpeas and simmer in a classic barbecue jelly sauce. 

Everyone will love these Mexican Street Corn Pinwheel Appetizers filled with corn, cheese, and zesty lime and jalapeno. 

Roasted Carrot Hummus is a smooth and creamy bean-free dip that's full of flavor. 

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