Banoffee Ice Cream Pie

Banoffee Ice Cream Pie has layers of banana, dulce de leche, and vanilla ice creams, almonds, and toffee bits in a graham cracker crust.  It’s like a salted caramel banana cream pie ice cream cake.

– Graham crackers – Butter – Almonds  – Vanilla ice cream – Bananas – Dulce de leche sauce  – Dulce de leche ice cream  – Toffee bits  – Sea salt


In a food processor, pulse graham crackers, almonds, and butter into fine crumbs.

Press the crumbs into a springform pan and bake for 10 minutes.

Mash the bananas and stir them into one pint of the vanilla ice cream.  Pour it into the crust and freeze until firm.

Spread dulce de leche over the banana ice cream and sprinkle with chopped almonds.

Spread dulce de leche ice cream over the banana ice cream layer.

Cover the dulce de leche ice cream with dulce de leche, toffee bits, and sea salt. Freeze until firm.

Spread vanilla ice cream over the dulce de leche ice cream layer.

Top with toffee bits and chopped almonds.  Freeze until firm.

To serve, drizzle with warm dulce de leche sauce.

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